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Levin says goodbye, Beard 'Arrested' again, Colbert is not guilty

This is what I'm thinking and hearing:

Channel 2 co-anchor Scott Levin said he doesn't have anything special planned for his last newscast alongside Maryalice Demler at 6 tonight before he leaves to work for the West Herr Automotive Group.

"I'm a relatively simple guy," he wrote in a text. "Don't like a lot of fuss. I think Maryalice is putting together a short collage of some career highlights. Hopefully I get time to chat with everyone in the newsroom before I call it a day. Headed to Chef's with my girls for dinner and spaghetti parm."

It appears that Channel 2 General Manager Jim Toellner and News Director Kate Glover hope Levin has a change of heart and doesn't love his new career.

"They have expressed many times that the door will always be open to me and I'm grateful for that," wrote Levin.

"I'm 100 percent committed to and looking forward to the incredible opportunity West Herr has afforded me and my family," added Levin.

Adam Benigni will fill in for Levin while Toellner decides who is going to fill the role permanently. When Benigni vacations, Pete Gallivan will likely get a shot at the position.

Benigni to take Levin's anchor spot until final decision on replacement

If Benigni gets the job permanently, the station will need a new member of the sports department.

Gallivan frequently fills in for "Daybreak" co-anchor John Beard and is likely to be the favorite for that job once Beard leaves at the end of the year.

Speaking of Beard, he reports that he has been officially told he will be part of the fifth season of "Arrested Development" for Netflix.

He doesn't know how many episodes he will appear in.

"Some of them are written early but they sometimes use me to set up or transition between other scenes and others are added late," texted Beard. "I can't wait to find out!"

He added the new season is scheduled to shoot from August into October and that he'll fly out to California to film when needed.

Beard is delighted by 2nd 'arrest'

The FCC reportedly has decided no action is necessary over Stephen Colbert's crude remark about President Trump at the end of his monologue on "The Late Show" on May 1. No surprise there. The comment was bleeped and aired in late night when the rules on content are looser.

Speaking of Colbert, Tuesday's night show opened with members of a fictitious law firm, "Galino and Farnes: The Attorney Guys," making a pitch to be President Trump's lawyers. He has been advised to seek private counsel for matters pertaining to the Russian investigation. In case you didn't know, Cellino & Barnes advertises in the New York City area.

Possible Cellino & Barnes breakup reverberates from NYC to LA

In Monday night's episode of NBC's "Running Wild with Bear Grylls," "This Is Us" star Sterling K. Brown discussed the importance of telling his wife about love scenes he is in. He said he called his wife immediately after doing a love scene with Kate Hudson but didn't say the movie he was filming. Brown and Hudson worked together last summer in the upcoming film "Marshall" that was partially shot in Buffalo.

They shot scenes together at the presidential residence of Daemen College. Brown plays a chauffeur wrongly accused of raping a beautiful socialite played by Hudson. The chauffeur is defended by Thurgood Marshall, a future Supreme Court justice who is the subject of the movie.

Buffalo residents savored roles during filming of ‘Marshall’

Remember the name Chris Blue. Or not. He was named the winner of this season's "The Voice" on Tuesday and deservedly so. He had a crowd-pleasing performance on the Final Four night Monday, which most likely rocketed him to the title.

But winning "The Voice" doesn't guarantee much. Quickly, name one past winner. Thought so.


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