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Letter: Schumer loves journalism that fits his liberal agenda

Schumer loves journalism that fits his liberal agenda

Sure, Sen. Chuck Schumer loves aggressive, “fact-based” news media, because most journalists are reliably liberal Democrats who can be counted on to present the “facts” (and rumors, innuendo and plain old lies) that suit the agenda of Schumer and his pals.

Where were these guardians of freedom when Lois Lerner and her henchmen at the IRS were targeting conservative groups for special scrutiny? Where was the clamor in the mainstream press over Hillary Clinton’s lies about Benghazi, and her destruction of 30,000 emails from her illegal server? Please point me to the press exposé of the Clinton Foundation raking in millions from foreign countries while she was secretary of state. President Barack Obama lied multiple times about the Affordable Care Act – “If you like your plan, you can keep your plan.” “Families will save thousands of dollars in premiums.” – and not a peep from freedom’s bulwark.

Where is the inquiry by the guardrails of democracy into illegal leaks of classified information to the press, or the unmasking of American citizens in NSA surveillance? Contrary to Schumer’s portrayal of the media’s current role, I believe the media are merely shills for whatever narrative their liberal masters want to promote. Thank goodness we now have competing sources of news to counter the “common base of facts” spewed out by the swamp in D.C.

Thomas M. Boeck


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