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Letter: GOP sacrificed much in its quest for victory

GOP sacrificed much in its quest for victory

Goodbye, justice, truth and courage. So long, respect, patience and kindness. The moral and practical virtues have been trampled by President Trump’s White House. For all the hoping that time and experience would moderate this leader and his followers, the speech at Harrisburg, Pa., ended this deluded expectation. That rally revealed the true depths of hate and bitterness within the president and his followers.

The virtues withered when the press and many Americans stood idly by when Trump belittled a disabled reporter on national TV. The virtues were doubly crushed when the vicious leader of North Korea was deemed “a smart cookie” and former President Barack Obama was called “a bad and sick man.” Goodbye, fairness, honesty and humility.

In their quest for victory at any cost, the Republican and Conservative parties have embraced and sometimes celebrated a moral monster in the White House. For the prior eight years, every tiny flaw of Obama was echoed in the right-wing media. He could never do anything right. If one is truthful, the 2016 election was won on hate and the intervention of James Comey, a Russian cyberattack and Julian Assange. Goodbye, fair elections. Goodbye, America.

It took many years to repair some of the damage from President George W. Bush. It may take decades to undo the disasters of Trump and his message of hate.

Joseph Yonder


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