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Letter: N. Tonawanda appointees abuse the electoral process

N. Tonawanda appointees abuse the electoral process

First Ward Alderman Mark Berube’s recent letter to the editor misused if not abused the comments of alderman candidate Austin Tylec regarding the filling of elected positions by Republican officials in North Tonawanda. Tylec was referencing the excessive instances where Republican elected officials run for office and fail to complete the term, often times knowing that they will not complete the term.

Examples include Arthur Pappas appointed for Robert Ortt (mayor), Shawn Nickerson for William Lewis (judge), Katherine Alexander for Nickerson (attorney), Alexander for Nickerson (assistant judge), Daniel Quinn for Ortt (treasurer), Robert Pecoraro for Malcolm Needler, Catherine Schwandt for Pappas and Jeffrey Glatz for Schwandt.

Alexander actually left the city attorney position within a week after being elected and was appointed by Pappas as assistant city judge. Robert Clark and Russ Rizzo unfortunately passed away and replacements were needed.

Tylec’s astute reference is to the fact, as evidenced above, that Republican candidates in North Tonawanda have a strong history of not completing the job/position they were elected to. Subsequent replacement appointments have been just a means to circumvent and abuse the electoral process.

Mark Houghton

North Tonawanda Democratic Committee Chairman

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