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Letter: If others acted like Trump, they would be crucified

If others acted like Trump, they would be crucified

President Trump uses the media to complain about people outside the media who oppose him, and he uses the media to complain about the media, and he and the media both win. This is truly Orwellian. And grossly disingenuous.

The media made him, and he knows it. And likewise, he gave the media leading stories; stories that generate advertising revenue.

Trump recently complained yet again about how the media treat him, and now he’s crying to the media that the proposed investigation into his administration’s possible ties to the Russian government is a “witch hunt.” Really? And his supporters echo this amazing rationalization. Have they considered that more allowances have been made for his ethically and morally transgressive behavior than for any presidential candidate in U.S. history? His blatantly insulting remarks to women, handicapped people and African-Americans have been implicitly forgiven over and over again.

I suggest his supporters do a simple thought experiment. Imagine Bill Clinton or Barack Obama, while each was running for president, had made the remarks Trump has made. The media and public would have crucified them! The fact is Trump has had his way so consistently that he’s simply used to not being called on the carpet for any statements or acts that would have long done in any other politician.

Martin Penkala


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