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Moms tell us why we shouldn't miss 'Star Wars' Night

I remember hearing about "Star Wars" Night at Coca-Cola Field last year. Seemed cool, but I never got around to getting tickets. My 5-year-old is a huge fan, so I remember wanting to get tickets, but, as things often do, it slipped my mind.

Then, I remember being super mad when I saw all of the pictures on Facebook. It seemed like every one of my friends had gone. And had a blast. It looked awesome. I was bummed looking at the pictures of the characters from the North Ridge group, the lightsaber show and the fireworks. Ugh. Mom fail. Total strike out.

Well, we all love a story of redemption, right? Let me tell you, I was super excited when I saw a post about this year's "Star Wars" Night. Wow that year flew by. I refuse to forget about it this time, but just to be sure it's for us, I asked my ever-so-opinionated Facebook friends if I should bring the kids, and why.

Here are a few of the responses.

Sam Robinson: "My children and I have gone every year to this event. It is so much fun especially if you're a 'Star Wars' fan. They have all the characters, photo opportunities, there's always something going on. It is really a fun, memorable event. Kept us coming back every year and hopefully for many more years to come!! So many wonderful memories."

The lightsaber show looks pretty cool at "Star Wars" Night. (Photo by Cindy Chmura-Gould)

Cindy Chumra-Gould: "Fireworks alone were awesome. The boys loved the battle on the field."

Kimberly A. Schopp Kalman: "You should not miss it. I chased Darth Vader ... he finally stopped and took a sweet picture with me... so many awesome characters there."

Maryann Marie: "The boys loved it. Little crowded but they didn't care. Kids come in costumes and with lite sabers and have a blast."

Denise Marie Beer: "We go every year! The kids live it! If you buy the family pack the kids get lightsabers. You can pose with characters for pictures. It's just an awesome time!"

Tanya Moran: "You shouldn't miss Mary Friona because it is really cool!! Everyone works so hard to put on a great night for has characters...lightsabers...scenes from the movie acted out.. Darth Vader sings "Take Me Out to the Ballgame" faces...families dressed in character, moms dads to newborns... adults with no kids enjoying their favorite movie... everyone is there for the same reason... to get 'geeky' and have fun!!!!...even if the Bisons don't put a W on the books..its a great time."

Marybeth Hall: "Omg! Mary it was awesome ! We did the meet and greet and it was all around awesome. We r going this year also. Got our tickets really early. Love it."

Michael Trig Lehmann: "They had 'Star Wars' characters in the walkway that you could pose with for 'movie' involving Buffalo that was shown on the scoreboard in chapters between every couple of innings. Character activities on the field, music, and thousands of lightsabers in the crowd."

Annie Plandowski: "I went a few years ago with my sister Jennifer and our father. We all had a blast and even had pictures with the Storm Troopers."

Amy Hiller-Cummings: "We loved it and I have 2 girls!!! Pictures with characters and fun all around the field!!!"

So there we have it. Great advice from my very smart Facebook friends.

I've taken my girls to many Bisons' games over the years, and they're always inexpensive family friendly and fun. Parking isn't too bad, there are many options around the park. We always bring sweaters and jackets because it does cool down after the sun goes down.

We can't wait to do "Star Wars" Night.

"Star Wars" Night

When: June 3

Where: Coca-Cola Field

Cost: $76 for four tickets, four hot dogs, four coca-colas, and a lightsaber.

Info: online.

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