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Susan Martin: Remove things from the dryer promptly and other resolutions

Most people have family members, housemates or roommates who do little things that bug them.

They return a bottle to the refrigerator with only a drop or two of orange juice in it.

They walk by items placed on steps that need to be carried upstairs and put away.

They don’t replace the empty toilet paper roll – or if they do they hang it in a different way than others prefer or just plop it on the floor or tank.

They leave wet towels on the floor or flung over the hallway railing.

But, truth be told, all of us have a few habits that we would like to change. I know I do.

So, nearly halfway through 2017, here are my midyear resolutions.

I will stop leaving the finished laundry in the dryer. I will not ignore the “end of cycle” buzzer and will take the “remove promptly” instructions on garment labels more seriously.

Summer clothes, in particular, tend to wrinkle – especially all those cotton tees, tanks and other tops. I don’t even like wrinkled towels – you know the same ones that days earlier had been flung over the hallway railing by someone.

I will stop putting odd things on the window sill in the kitchen. Earrings. A spare key. A screw. A penny or two. A little button.

Oh, and that button? I will sew it back on the piece of clothing to which it belongs. Before I lose it – or it falls out the window or down the sink.

I will be kinder to tubes of toothpaste. I have been accused of mangling them in the past.

I will shred or recycle junk mail in the garage before it enters the house rather than tossing it with more important mail once inside.

I will remember to bring my grocery list and reusable bags to the supermarket. I will also remember to hand over my bottle return receipt at checkout.

I will try to not accidentally kick the dog’s water dish every time I go to open or close the sliding door to the patio. It makes a mess and soaks my shoe or sock.

Speaking of puddles, this summer I will pay close attention to weather forecasts and close the upstairs windows before leaving the house if rain is predicted. We’ve learned that lesson.

That’s just the short list.

One friend tells me she vows to stop taking off her wedding and engagement rings and setting them temporarily near a sink.

Another friend – also nameless (cowards) – said she has to stop leaving her shoes all over the house while telling her children to pick up their stuff.

Of course some household-related habits are more bothersome than others to fellow residents. No one in my family cares if I forget to cash in my bottle return receipt. But they will likely be annoyed if the dryer is full of laundered clothes when they need it.

I found a list of the Top Five most annoying household habits ever on, based on a 2016 Reddit thread.

They are: Leaving dirty dishes in the sink. Taking other people’s food out of the refrigerator. Putting empty containers back in the fridge. Wasting paper towels. Not replacing the toilet paper roll.

Sound familiar?

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