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Letter: Blumenthal lied about being a Vietnam veteran

Blumenthal lied about being a Vietnam veteran

The op-ed titled, “McConnell’s miscalculation,” in the May 12 edition of The News contains several errors that must be pointed out. Initially, in his desire to portray Sen. Richard Blumenthal as a victim of President Trump, E.J. Dionne plays fast and loose with the facts.

While Dionne refers to Blumenthal’s “misleading statements” about having served in Vietnam, the actual truth of the matter is that Blumenthal’s statements were outright lies. For example, speaking to a group in Norwalk, Conn., in March 2008, he said, “We have learned something important since the days that I served in Vietnam.”

In his effort to rehabilitate Blumenthal, Dionne goes on to state that “Blumenthal apologized long ago.” In reading this, one might think that Blumenthal had a sudden act of contrition. Nothing could be further from the truth. Blumenthal’s apologies came after he was confronted with his statements and while he was running for the Senate in Connecticut. Accordingly, I think his apologies may be better characterized as damage control rather than a burst of conscience.

While Dionne seeks to characterize Blumenthal as a poor victim, the facts of the matter speak otherwise. Blumenthal repeatedly lied about being a Vietnam veteran to make himself look good. The last thing he deserves is our sympathy.

Paul E. Rudnicki

Proud Vietnam Veteran

West Seneca

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