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Editorial: Bits and pieces from the news

Good for Attorney General Eric T. Schneiderman in deciding to crack down on uncivilized student behavior in University Heights.

Stories in The Buffalo News have detailed how out-of-control student parties have made life miserable for University Heights residents. Schneiderman this week ordered Jeremy Dunn, a landlord whose more than 50 properties have become “notorious“ for wild gatherings, to enforce limits on them. Those restrictions include the number of people attending and prohibit charging fees or consuming alcohol in public or by minors. Dunn also is required to do a better job screening tenants, fixing code violations and cleaning up properties.

It’s been a long time coming, and Heights residents are breathing a sigh of relief as they wait for a measure of peace to return to their neighborhood. The News – and Schneiderman – will be watching.

It’s always interesting to see which advertisers want to be on what television shows. Those decisions offer an insight into marketing strategies and the perceived advantages of the product.
The same is true of tourism marketing and, in particular, the new ad campaign launched by Visit Buffalo Niagara. In the past, those campaigns highlighted Niagara Falls, while Buffalo tagged along for the ride. No more.

The new campaign puts Buffalo front and center, and mentions that, oh, yes, just up the road you can also see Niagara Falls. In that, the campaign offers compelling economic evidence of Buffalo’s resurgence. We have enough to brag about today to be interesting on our own – and there is more to come.

Those wacky Wallendas. They’re coming back to Niagara Falls next month for a new spectacle in which a member of the famous family of daredevils challenges the power of the mighty waterfall.

On June 15, five years to the day after her husband Nik walked across the Horseshoe Falls on a high wire, Erendira Wallenda plans to hang over the waterfall.

From a helicopter.

By her teeth.

Plainly, not everyone is cut out for a desk job. To each, her own.

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