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Letter: There is no evidence Trump has Russian ties

There is no evidence Trump has Russian ties

I would like to comment on a letter printed in The News on May 15. In this letter the writer mentioned that she was concerned by President Trump’s “extensive ties to Russia.” As of this date there has been no evidence presented that the president has any “extensive ties to Russia” after nearly a year of a still ongoing FBI investigation. That the News did not add the word “alleged” to the above quote and printed the writer’s statement as fact is shameful and another example of perpetuating a story that has been dragged around the media along with all the other anti-Trump rumors and anonymous quotes from Washington insiders that have dogged Trump since last year’s campaign.

A good newspaper’s job is to print the facts from both sides and allow the readers to make up their minds. The News and most of the mainstream media have failed at this and have been major contributors to the polarization of American society by their continued reporting of rumors and unsubstantiated reports as fact. No wonder people have lost their trust in the media.

Clay Varga


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