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Letter: Stop piling on Trump and let him do his job

Stop piling on Trump and let him do his job

As a proud American, I think it’s deplorable the way the media and the national Democrats are treating our American president. These are men and women who are well-educated and graduated from some of our finest colleges and universities and yet they ruthlessly act much worse than those without any education. They wouldn’t think of piling on the president the way these elitist liberals do.

He won whether they like our Constitution or not and that includes “Morning Joe,” a liberal in conservative clothing. It’s shameful!

Do you know what it is in a nutshell? George Soros, the commentators and the national Democrats are socialists who want to replace our constitutional form of government with a socialistic form. The elitist well-educated have been trying to do that for centuries but it never has worked. Like it or not our system has been proven to be the best. Leave the administration alone and let our Constitution and this administration do their jobs. You might like what they do.

Richard D. Grisanti


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