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Letter: Mercy Hospital staff does an incredible job

Mercy Hospital staff does an incredible job

A friend would say, “the only mercy to be found at South Buffalo Mercy Hospital is on its signage,” a sentiment often echoed by an outspoken Franciscan friar. From him I learned to verbalize my own sentiments about the facility, which I now regret.

I was born there and have since spent some time as the beneficiary of its healing mercy. Recently, on my way to celebrate liturgy in Hamburg, my smooth ride was interrupted by the sounds of shattered glass. After several seconds of “blackout,” I could brake, leaving an aftermath of unplanned destruction.

I didn’t want to listen to the voices of the police and emergency personnel, but their determination and wisdom won out and I was on an ambulance journey that would save my life.

Lying helplessly in a hospital bed, “voices of mercy” were a welcome challenge to an earlier perception that was not only wrong, but very unfair.

There you are very much at the mercy of people who really care. I was blessed with an amazing medical team who gave my life back to me with a little help from heaven.

So now every time I pass by the hospital and see the sign “Mercy,” I will always be thankful and humbled by the place where I was born, and the place that gave my life back to me.

The Rev. Art Smith

Saint Mother Teresa of Calcutta Parish


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