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Letter: Democrats’ attacks will destroy country

Democrats’ attacks will destroy country

President Trump’s decision to fire FBI Director James Comey certainly was way overdue. Republicans and some Democrats are in unison in this decision. Unfortunately, people like Sen. Charles Schumer, who change their thought process to benefit their own political gain, also thoughtlessly negate the truth the public rightfully deserves. Anyone, regardless of party affiliation, should be suspect and apprehensive of these people.

Trump will appoint a new FBI director who will be beyond reproach. A great choice would be Rep. Trey Gowdy, who has the background and ability to remove the FBI from the political circus the Democrats have created and restore the credence the department was built on.

Enough of the nonsense that Russia influenced our election and we need a special prosecutor to investigate. Disruption and lies are the Democrats’ only goal. The majority of Americans know hyperpartisan views spewed by their party are the making of a constitutional crisis.

It’s our country. We want to keep it safe and free of impulsive and lack of judgment politicians. Come election time, vote these people out of office. They will destroy America with their vengeful smokescreen attacks on Trump.

Mark Neupert


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