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Letter: Angry Democrats pounce on everything Trump does

Angry Democrats pounce on everything Trump does

Today’s liberals are licking their chops, figuring they have caught a fox in the henhouse. Not so fast. The Democratic Party, which has lost its identity and has gotten steamrolled in elective races across the board, has taken on the position of a bloodsucker. Like wild creatures waiting to pounce on their prey, liberals sit and wait for President Trump’s every move.

Their latest cry is that the president is an obstructionist due to his firing of FBI Director James Comey, who was probing Russian interference during the election. Aren’t these the same Democrats who insisted Comey should be removed due to the reopening of the investigation of Hillary Clinton’s emails?

Clinton insists she lost the election due to Comey’s investigation into her email practices, WikiLeaks and Russian interference. She forgets to mention she was outcampaigned in battleground states, and that close to 95 million people didn’t vote. I guess the Russians either kidnapped or tied up 95 million people to prevent them from voting.

Also, Trump won 32 states out of 50. This election never was close. Trump’s style of in-your-face politics has liberals confused and angry. Democrats are looking to find their identity while Trump goes about the business of running the country.

Anthony Hammill


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