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Letter: Pro-life involves more than opposing abortion

Pro-life involves more than opposing abortion

I am pro-choice, but I am much more pro-life than the political movement would label me. I am pro-life because I care more about the child’s life after the child is out of the womb. That child will need health care, so I’m supportive of universal health care, also called Medicare for all. No one should graduate college with lifelong debt, so tuition-free college education makes sense to me.

I believe in increasing the minimum wage to keep up with inflation (which is why Congress raises its pay). Workers should have mandatory paid vacation (one week for part-time and two or three weeks for full-time employees) and paid family leave. Studies have proven that workers became more efficient and productive at their jobs when they have a shorter workday of six hours rather than eight hours.

Countries we call socialist (from an American standpoint, anyway) have been ranked to have some of the happiest workers and citizens. If we were a real pro-life country, we would not keep coal and oil jobs, which pollute the environment, or gleefully cut vital services to vulnerable populations.

We need to make sure quality-of-life issues are just as important as a child being born. I often hear people ask in response to these ideas: “How would we pay for it?” We spend billions to bomb countries we’re not even at war with, so that alone is a good place to start domestic investment. We can do this!

Terry Purdue


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