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Letter: Affordable Care Act was a disaster from the start

Affordable Care Act was a disaster from the start

Where was the outrage when we were initially lied to about the so-called Affordable Care Act? We didn’t see rooms full of people screaming at politicians when we were told we could keep our doctor and coverage. When we were told premiums would be affordable. In many states, premiums have doubled. Think about that for a moment. What if your mortgage payment doubled? How would you cope? As a small business owner, my cost has increased by 42 percent in two years. My deductibles are so high, I can only use my insurance if something really bad happens. It wasn’t this way before this act was put in place.

Now one of the largest carriers, Aetna, is pulling out of the market in 2018. The death spiral has begun. As more burden is put on the remaining carriers, they, too, may leave. Some states are down to one or two choices and it doesn’t look like it will get any better. With all these people screaming at the GOP politicians, they have two choices. Try to fix it and be ridiculed to the hilt, or walk away and let it implode. This was a horrible business model from the start, and destined to fail. It has the Democrats’ DNA all over it, yet the GOP will be blamed for its demise.

Bruce Cranston

North Tonawanda

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