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Jerry Sullivan's Power Take: Weight loss is Lacy's big gain

We all know people who struggle to keep their weight down and bounce from one diet to another. By the way, do I look fat in these pants?

But we should all be so lucky as Seahawks running back Eddie Lacy. On Monday, Lacy tipped the scales at a robust 253 pounds -- and got a $55,000 bonus for weighing under 255 on the appointed date.

Lacy earned the approximate annual income of the average American household for not being overweight. That's not all. Lacy's contract contains seven weight clauses, worth a potential $385,000 in added bonuses.

Heck, I'd lose 10 pounds if the News promised me free lunch and greens fees at Brighton. It must be nice to be a world-class NFL athlete, making $2.865 million in guarantees (Lacy's deal), and get extra cash for simply being a responsible employee and staying in shape.

Lacy also has performance bonuses. He'll get additional money for hitting a number of rushing standards, up to $1.3 million if he rushes for 1,200 yards. Shouldn't that be sufficient incentive for the guy to push away from the dessert tray?

Is it any wonder that fans have such disdain for the modern athlete?

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