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Letter: Sheriff has done a good job, but now it’s time to move on

Sheriff has done a good job, but now it’s time to move on

I have no quarrel with Sheriff Tim Howard. He is a good, dedicated and honorable public servant. The recent tremor over wearing his uniform at a conservative-oriented rally is a public relations failure for those opposed to him.

Howard has now served over 12 years, including the balance of Sheriff Patrick Gallivan’s term after he was appointed to the state parole board. Too many times in the past 30 years, governors, county executives and mayors have lost effectiveness and worn out their welcome when serving beyond eight years. After 12 years in the same post, each successive controversy is a larger distraction from the core duties of the position.

I urge Howard to practice self-imposed term limits and not run for re-election. Eight years in any elected executive office is enough. There must be many very well-qualified law enforcement professionals, in the middle of their careers, ready to run, win and do an excellent job for the people of Erie County.

Michael Campanella Sr.

West Seneca

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