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Letter: French chose right chief; sadly, Americans did not

French chose right chief; sadly, Americans did not

Vive la France! Emmanuel Macron convinced his nation’s citizens that a populist agenda would not serve their best interests, in some part due to their observation of the current U.S. dilemma. He has already followed suit after his election win with a push for worker protections within the EU. French workers currently benefit from the protections of universal health care, paid maternity leave and covered child care as well as lengthy vacation time of at least four weeks.

Meanwhile, “across the pond” let the suffering begin as millions of Americans stand to lose what little health care advantages they gained under the Affordable Care Act. This includes the possibility of states eliminating coverage of both birth control and maternity care. Working families pay an exorbitant percentage of their incomes toward child care and the majority of working mothers are fortunate to receive six to eight weeks of maternity leave while vacation time is commonly one to two weeks per year unless you are part of a major corporation or have seniority in your favor, which in today’s work environment is rare.

Our so-called populist president flits between the White House and his resort in Florida to the tune of hundreds of thousands of dollars, each trip financed by taxpayers. His family’s business entanglements perpetuate conflicts of interest, but this snake oil salesman convinced the American public he would be fighting for their best interests.

Insert laughter with tears emoji and tweet.

Helen M. Shoff

West Seneca

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