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Letter: Drivers should steer clear of disabled parking spots

Drivers should steer clear of disabled parking spots

Many articles and letters have been written in the past regarding people with disabilities. In my experience, there is one obstacle for some disabled people that would be helpful to reiterate.

I would like to explain the difficulty wheelchair-bound people encounter when they park and need the additional space with slanted lines. This space is meant to allow a wheelchair ramp to unfold. Too many times I have come out to my van only to find myself unable to get into my vehicle because someone has parked either partially or fully within the slanted lines. I have had to wait in the rain or return to the building I was in to have people called over the PA system. People in a wheelchair are vulnerable enough without putting this initial burden on them.

I am respectfully asking people to be more aware of the parking requirement. It certainly would help me and I believe a good number of other individuals who need the public’s help to keep their independence.

Nancy Dyl


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