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Letter: Burnout among doctors puts their patients at risk

Burnout among doctors puts their patients at risk

So sad. “The only certainty we have at the moment is uncertainty,” according to Dr. Michael J. Edbauer of Catholic Medical Partners in the April 30 edition of The News. I find it hard to believe this will make any patient feel safe.

Equally scary is a recent study by the American Medical Association revealing just over 54 percent of all doctors in the United States are burned out. A close look at the data revealed over 60 percent of internists, family physicians, emergency department, cardiology and OB/GYN physicians are burned out.

Let the words of Glenn Wilson, Ph.D., speak for themselves: “Burnout in doctors, nurses and health professionals is not only physically and mentally exhausting, it can threaten patient safety.” Keep in mind, the doctor you will see tomorrow is probably burned out. Sad.

Joseph S. Testa, M.D.


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