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First nuclear waste shipment from Canada arrives at South Carolina facility

There's no indication the first reported transport of liquid nuclear waste from the Chalk River Laboratories in Ontario passed over the Peace Bridge. But federal officials aren't saying it didn't either.

All that is known is that it arrived at the Savannah River Site in Aiken, S.C. last month and there were some problems after it arrived, according to the Savannah River Site Watch, an environmental organization keeping tabs on the issue.

The Defense Nuclear Facilities Safety Board reported processing was expected to begin after containers of highly-enriched uranium were removed from shipping casks.

During that process, the board reported an "unexpected hotspot" was detected by radiological protection devices in equipment designed to shield workers at the Savannah River Site from radiation, the board reported in its April 21 update.

The waste, which resulted from processing radiological isotopes for uses in medicine in Canada, is being brought back to the United States as part of a national policy to repatriate its nuclear material.

A lawsuit filed by several environmental groups last year to block transport of the waste failed in federal court, paving the way for the shipments to begin.

Federal judge allows transport of liquid nuclear waste from Ontario


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