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Letter: We pay outlandish taxes, so start fixing our roads

We pay outlandish taxes, so start fixing our roads

The vast majority of Buffalo city streets are in dire need of repaving. Main and secondary roads from every neighborhood are filled with potholes. We have had two mild winters and many of these roads have been like this since three winters ago! I was forced to take out tire and rim protection on my lease to cover potential damage. It is virtually impossible and dangerous to cycle around the city.

We are the highest-taxed state in the U.S. We pay city and county taxes. We pay taxes via endless tolls, fees, taxes on food, drinks, clothes, taxes on taxes. I call the mayor’s 311 number almost every day to request the pothole crew to another street. One politician was heard saying that we are on schedule for paving.

Development has been great in Buffalo, but not at the expense of leaving behind deplorable driving conditions. We need streets paved before one more stadium is upgraded or built, before one more addition to Canalside or the Outer Harbor, before one more tax break is given to one more developer. Politicians, do your job. Spend our money on streets that reflect a small portion of our outlandish taxes!

Kathleen M. Garcea


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