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Letter: Trump’s firing of Comey should concern all of us

Trump’s firing of Comey should concern all of us

I am writing, again, to express my grave concern about President Trump and his extensive ties to Russia.

Most recently, those ties led to his firing of James Comey, director of the FBI, reportedly because Comey was investigating those ties and had requested additional resources for this investigation. If true, this is tantamount to our president, and possibly members of the GOP Congress, committing treason and aiding Russia in a coup to take “the people’s house.”

With Republicans in the House and Senate unwilling to put country before party, I urge every Buffalonian to contact the Department of Justice to urge Deputy Attorney General Rod Rosenstein to appoint an independent, special prosecutor to investigate this matter once and for all.

For good measure, contact your Congress members, Gov. Andrew Cuomo and State Attorney General Eric Schneiderman, too.

We are truly in a constitutional crisis now. Will you join me in the resistance?

Stacey Bowers


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