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Letter: Reagan, Kemp didn’t help Western New York workers

Reagan, Kemp didn’t help Western New York workers

Douglas Turner’s May 1 column titled, “Trump’s tax cut plan is nothing like Kemp’s,” does not make sense. It’s one thing to portray President Trump’s tax plan as a poison pill that will never make it into law. Though if his previously announced plan to utilize tariffs is in conjunction with tax breaks for domestic corporations, this is hardly an unproven proposition. The institutionalized supply-side scheme by President Ronald Reagan and Rep. Jack Kemp was a poison pill for manufacturing in the Niagara Frontier and throughout the nation. Reagan’s administration presented national deficits larger than all those combined since the dawn of our republic, at that time. Their institutionalized policy continues to do so.

The profits for multinationals, their investors and supporters are enormous, but result in U.S. limited productive capacity, coupled with chronic trillion-dollar national deficits.

Wealthy beneficiaries label Kemp the “compassionate conservative,” which he was, for them. But countless working Americans lost their livelihoods, including their health coverage, compound interest on savings, pensions and educational benefits, along with advances in minority hiring. Since ours was an industrial district, wasn’t Kemp operating directly against his constituency?

Congratulating the memory of Kemp and Reagan strictly on the basis of stellar media performances, irrespective of the onerous consequences of their institutionalized trade and economic program, serves to confuse and undermine imperative corrective measures.

Louis L. Boehm

Orchard Park

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