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Letter: No reason to knock people who choose private schools

No reason to knock people who choose private schools

In a May 6 letter, a retired public school teacher stated that both President Trump and Education Secretary Betsy DeVos should leave the public schools alone.

The writer was incensed that “Trump never attended public school.” Which would explain Trump’s success. It’s a role of responsible parents to place their child in a school where a quality education is expected and provided. Parents and taxpayers are exhausted with paying annual increases in the “teacher tax.”

Charter and private schools provide a superior educational environment with a lot less money because the teachers care about the success of their students. Only in a public school would union teachers accept a pay raise while many of their students either fail or drop out.

Teacher tenure is archaic and should be abolished in the best interest of both parents and students. Underperforming, incompetent teachers should be fired immediately.

The writer should have included that both of President Barack Obama’s daughters attended Sidwell Friends School, a private school at a yearly cost of about $35,000 per daughter. The Obamas showed us how much confidence they had in allowing public schools to educate their daughters.

Joe Cyran


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