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Letter: National Fuel’s work left a mess on Linden

National Fuel’s work left a mess on Linden

Enough is enough. Delaware District residents, specifically homeowners, need to speak out about the disaster being left in the wake of National Fuel “improvements.” A year and a half after it ripped up the lawns on Linden Avenue, they are still filled with the gravel National Fuel put there. My neighbors and I thought National Fuel would be a good corporate partner and repair the damage. Instead it covered its work in gravel and sprinkled a few seeds afterward without ever removing the gravel. Every time we mow our lawns, we have to dodge the gravel bullets left behind. All of these lawns need to be resodded, not reseeded. I urge my neighbors to call Councilman Joel Feroleto to get him to push for National Fuel to sod the lawns on Linden or call National Fuel directly.

Now National Fuel is ripping up Lovering Avenue to put its ugly meters on everybody’s front garden. If it can put a meter in front, it can spend a few more bucks and put one in back of your house. And, let’s be honest, there is no problem with the meter in the basement that it cannot be upgraded and left in place. This is merely National Fuel treating us as unthinking, uncaring things rather than people. It simply can’t grasp why having an ugly eyesore in the middle of the garden you’ve invested hundreds of hours in might anger you.

Finally, if anyone doubts the veracity of my claim about National Fuel’s work, park a car at Delaware and Linden, walk to Parkside, cross the street and walk back. The evidence is, sadly, quite apparent.

Paul Lacapruccia


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