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Letter: It’s time to hold addicts accountable for actions

It’s time to hold addicts accountable for actions

Upon learning that a Buffalo police officer was injured a few blocks from where I live, I instantly recalled a community meeting that I attended that same weekend. One government speaker talked about the opioid epidemic and stated that we have to rehabilitate drug addicts as many times as necessary.

Some people, upon hearing that addicts are now considered a “gem” of society, were incredulous. It seems politicians are not only pushing for medical marijuana, but their lunacy has now spread to medical liberalism, where nobody is ever at fault for their own actions and society has a duty to never openly criticize anyone for destructive behavior, whether it be personal or societal.

Personal responsibility is now determined solely on escaping the laws of biology instead of obeying the laws of a civil society. We need to administer a kick in the rear to any and all social truants before they try to injure another officer.

Matthew R. Powenski


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