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Letter: Allow parking on Rumsey alongside Delaware Park

Allow parking on Rumsey alongside Delaware Park

Warm weather’s coming, and so is the seasonal parking crunch at the Rose Garden end of Delaware Park. This summer’s parking promises to be even tighter, with the new restaurant at the Hoyt Lake Casino adding to the needs of soccer players, the playground and Shakespeare in the Park.

So why is parking not allowed on the south side of Rumsey Road, the one-way street that borders the park? Windsor Avenue, which meets Rumsey at the park, is the same width but is two-way, and parking is allowed on both sides after 4 p.m. Why not the same on Rumsey?

It would pose no hardship for residents, who all have off-street parking. All that would be needed is a change of signage, and 75 to 80 spaces would be instantly available. The park is more popular than ever; why not make it a bit easier for people to use?

Tim Denesha


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