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Letter: Abandon new train station, focus on convention center

Abandon new train station, focus on convention center

Recently the politicians and the so-called Canalside do-gooders determined that the new train station should be downtown near the Exchange Street Station. They are determined to build a wonderful $40 million facility to serve about 100 daily train riders. Nobody has said how many of them are from out of town or tourists. One of the concerns raised was the less time it would take for residents from Lackawanna and the Tonawandas to reach the new location. I believe the number used was 30 minutes. No one from these areas will be riding the train because they can’t afford it. They take the bus instead.

Have people not seen the debacle that was created in Niagara Falls? Now we learn that a new convention center must be built to remain competitive with other cities in securing conventions. Two conventions in the present facility will bring in more tourist dollars than a new train station will in 12 months! A new convention center will cost at least $100 million. So, what should be our priority? I think our mayor and county executive should reconsider this decision. The $25 million from Gov. Andrew Cuomo would be better spent on tourist dollars, don’t you think?

Edward Clohessy


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