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Letter: Pop-up facility isn’t answer to treating drug addiction

Pop-up facility isn’t answer to treating drug addiction

After reading the May 5 News article about pop-up injection centers, I cried a lot, but they were not tears of joy. Having lost our beautiful grandson to heroin, I ended up with more questions than answers.

1.) Since the drugs would not be given by the facility, wouldn’t users still have to go to a dealer to get their drug of choice? Good deal for the dealers, I’d say.

2.) A lot of users are not working (for obvious reasons) and are on some sort of public assistance, so where does the money come from for them to buy the drugs? Same place as always, right?

3.) A health care worker will be on hand to administer Narcan if necessary. How will he know that what the user brings isn’t a deadly dose of fentanyl? Will he test it first? Will he be equipped to handle that?

4.) Users can use this facility until they are ready to get help. What if they do not seek the help offered?

5.) What are the statistics of people using these facilities who do seek help? How many of them actually seek treatment?

After we lost our boy, I thought I would do anything to have him back, but this would not be it. FYI, he was in three different rehabs, was getting counseling and got medication when he could afford it. There has to be a better answer to addiction, but this isn’t it. I’m sorry, but it’s not even a start.

Lucille Wozniak

West Seneca

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