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Letter: Lobbyists are opposed to government-run care

Lobbyists are opposed to government-run care

No more silent screams. Studies show that health care outcomes in developed nations with government-run health care systems have better outcomes and are less expensive than our for-profit system.

Last year, a Gallup Poll found that 58 percent of Americans favored replacing Obamacare with a federally funded health system. Yet what the majority of Americans want bears no resemblance to the health care plan currently winding its way through Congress.

To nearly no one’s surprise, a major reason our representatives fail to act in our best interests is the obscene amount of money that lobbyists pour into Congress, which helps craft legislation favoring for-profit entities.

Sen. Bernie Sanders calls for a political revolution where people demand that their representatives enact legislation that is in the best interests of the American people. Please, today, call your representative and demand positive action.

Are there people with sufficient resources to run for office on the single issue of government-run universal health care? We need you!

Imagine a future where getting sick won’t bankrupt you. Imagine a future where a monthly payment to an insurance company is not equal to your mortgage payment. Imagine a future that happens because we work together to make it happen.

Marty J. Walters


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