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Letter: Denying facts won’t alter reality of climate change

Denying facts won’t alter reality of climate change

It likely would be a waste of time to try to convince the writer of the letter “Majority means nothing when it comes to science” that he knows nothing about how science works. He strings together random bits of information to support an opinion about science that is totally at odds with what science is: an enterprise that makes progress based on critical peer review and consensus.

There can be disagreements and uncertainty in frontline areas of research, but there is no doubt about the shape or age of the Earth. Likewise, there is no doubt that we have entered a period of global climate change and that human activity is the major contributor.

Regrettably for some, denying the facts doesn’t change them. Just as surely as the Earth is round and billions of years old, humankind’s fate will be decided by our policies and actions in the coming decades. That is the overwhelming consensus of scientists, and denying it because one feels it is a “power grab for governments and businesses” doesn’t diminish the soundness of the science or lessen the threat to our survival.

Carmen A. Mannella, Ph.D.

North Tonawanda

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