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Letter: Collins’ only concern is the almighty dollar

Collins’ only concern is the almighty dollar

Rep. Nancy Pelosi earned the scorn she received when she famously stated that folks could read the health bill after it was passed. It still sounds like a dumb thing. But the Republican members of the House of Representatives have definitely caught up in the “dumb” department regarding the newest health care bill to eliminate and replace Obamacare.

These are actual recent statements by Republican members of the House: “Nobody dies because they do not have access to health care.” That came from an Idaho Republican at a town hall meeting. Another said that the important thing about the new plan is that the good people will have lower premiums. Are folks with preconditions bad? Or the congressman who advises people in states that opt out of specific parts to just move out of state!

What about Chris Collins, my congressman? He admitted that he did not read the entire bill before the vote. But he was told that the bill he voted for has a provision that decimates a New York plan that serves 635,00 New Yorkers. He asked The News reporter to explain that to him. Collins’ reply? Only two states, including New York, take advantage of that waiver. Wow!

This the same Republican who defends President Trump and his taxpaying method, which is to take advantage of every rule to minimize his tax bill. Shouldn’t Collins be doing everything to maximize the health benefits to his constituents?

This is just another in a long list of Collins doing things to help his wealthy friends while ignoring the rest of us.

Robert Snyder

Clarence Center

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