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Mike Harrington's Power Take: Chuckster right to pick Cup playoffs over NBA snoozers

Charles Barkley is right. Time to borrow one of his favorite words.

The NBA playoffs have been turrible.

They're only now going to start to get interesting. Maybe. We might have to wait for that third straight Cavs-Warriors final to get some drama.

Now let's listen to what The Chuckster had to say Monday night on TNT: "Thank God for the NHL playoffs. That's what I'd be watching in the place of some of these blowouts."

Amen, brother. The NBA has mostly been a snooze so far, with Cleveland and Golden State both going 8-0 over the first two rounds. Toronto and Utah -- both of whom won 51 games in the regular season -- were victims of sweeps, and the Jazz led for less than 12 minutes in four games against the Warriors.

Meanwhile, the quest for the Stanley Cup featured a record number of overtime games in the first round, and a second round featuring four series of at least six games -- and two that went seven.  The conference finals figure to be dynamite too.

The Stanley Cup final may not have the shine that its NBA counterpart will have but the road to get there has been far more entertaining. Even The Chuckster thinks so.

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