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Letter: Students in Lancaster learn what’s important

Students in Lancaster learn what’s important

Having volunteered for over 10 years in the William Street School Media Center in Lancaster, I’ve watched and listened as kids recite their kindness pledge after the Pledge of Allegiance to our flag. It finally dawned on me that as the kids are working on basic decency, they and the rest of us are exposed daily to the words and deeds of a person who is supposed to be the leader of a great nation. As this person gratifies his own ego and is ignorant of any basic decency, it breaks my heart that the kids and some adults are exposed to and actually believe in the ignorance, the untruths that this person puts out without any restraint.

If I thought he could read and understand these pledges, I would gladly see he got a copy, but why waste the stamp? To better understand what I’m trying to say, please read the op-ed column by Michael Gerson in the May 3 News, especially the last paragraph.

Nice job, William Street, keep it up.

Frank Maddock


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