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Letter: Health industry worries about money, not people

Health industry worries about money, not people

The April 30 News featured an article titled, “Searching for certainty,” about how local medical insurance executives view the complex issues surrounding payment of medical services.

The gist of the responses to the health care dilemma in this business section article was a rather muted and lukewarm consideration by these insurance company heads to the idea of a single-payer (i.e., government) system.

Their responses were revealing: “What doctors worry about is that patients come for care and … the doc does not get paid.” It’s all about the money, not the fact that the U.S., one of the richest countries in the world, has very poor health outcomes when compared with other advanced countries.

While the financial aspects of health care are an appropriate subject for the business pages, the responses, tone and quotes of those in the medical care industry were, in my opinion, decidedly insensitive to patient health concerns, accessibility to care and attention to outcomes.

The basic problem in the U.S. is that “high profit for all” – including hospitals, insurance companies, pharmaceuticals and physicians – is placed above patient, public health and humane community needs.

Those quoted in the article who are reluctantly coming to the conclusion that single-payer may be the only answer to our broken private health care system are finally on the right track.

Pauline Dyson


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