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Bucky Gleason: Bills do it backward, but maybe they've found the right combo

The Bills gave an unproven head coach more power than any in franchise history, so you shouldn't have been too surprised Tuesday when they hired Brandon Beane as their new general manager.

Terry and Kim Pegula interviewed several candidates for the job, but now it looks like they did little more than go through the motions. Beane was their guy from Day One, assuming they didn't have him targeted on the day they hired Sean McDermott as the head coach.

Let's not kid ourselves no matter what Terry Pegula says Friday when they hold a news conference announcing Beane. A few weeks ago, they said they had a one-voice concept, meaning McDermott would be the name, face and mouthpiece for the franchise.

Rest assured that it was McDermott, the empowered rookie head coach, who hand-picked Beane for the job. They entrusted him with the football department since Doug Whaley was fired, even though he didn't have one game under his belt as an NFL head coach.

In case you haven't noticed, the Bills do things backward.

By hiring the coach first, they limited themselves to candidates who matched up with the head coach rather than hire the GM and have him pick the coach.

McDermott had a good relationship with Beane, which made him a natural for Buffalo. He can even slide into the big chair without worrying about the head coach – his biggest decision as general manager was made before he was hired.

Other major issues also were addressed before Beane took over. The Bills already made the call on Tyrod Taylor. They decided to pass, for now, on the option year of Sammy Watkins' rookie contract. They handled the draft.

Bills fans are powerless, as Terry Pegula suggested when he fired Whaley. He's the owner. They have no choice but to believe in them as owners regardless of their ineptitude since they purchased the Sabres seven years ago.

Beane is young and unproven, like his coach, and will need to earn credibility, like his coach. Who knows? Maybe they got lucky and found the right people.

In a weird way, there is some merit to the Beane hiring.

After years of Whaley not getting along with his head coaches, first Doug Marrone and after him Rex Ryan, the coach and general manager will be on the same page.

They come aboard trusting one another, a shift in the right direction and a departure from Whaley's reign of incompetence.

Here's hoping for Beane's sake that his contract is clear about the chain of command. He better have made it clear that he's running the personnel department so meddling owners can't put their hands where they don't belong.

Here's hoping these guys have the right combination.

Fans have suffered for 17 straight seasons without making the playoffs. The media needs new storylines, something we can ride for a while after years of dysfunction.

It doesn't matter how they get there, really, only that they do. It's their job to get it right.

Until proven otherwise, people will continue hoping for the best while bracing for the worst. That's how it has worked in Buffalo no matter how many times the names and faces change.

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