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Letter: GOP must investigate the 25th Amendment

GOP must investigate the 25th Amendment

In his recent speeches, Twitter rants and interviews, President Trump has appeared confused and incoherent as he flip-flops on issues, issues vague threats to foreign countries, fixates on reaffirming his election victory, insults past and present opponents, lavishes praise on tyrants, misinterprets history and looks to be auditioning for a job as a food critic. He seems to live in a “Groundhog Day” world in which he awakens each day with his memory wiped clean, a world whose “today” has no relationship to a “yesterday” that no longer exists.

The issue of a president’s “fitness to serve” is not a partisan issue, but a topic that should concern everyone. While a few commentators have tiptoed around the question of the president’s mental health, most people don’t seem ready to think about it, perhaps because wondering about the stability of the man with his finger on the red button is beyond frightening.

I hope, however, that the Republicans, who control all three branches of the federal government and who often tout their deep understanding of the Constitution, have their eyes on the 25th Amendment, which provides a method for determining if a president is “unable to discharge the powers and duties of his office.” The amendment is a little lengthy, with some ins-and-outs, but if put into effect, it would install the vice president as “acting president.”

Our leaders in Washington ought to be thinking quietly – not just about “yesterday” and “today,” but about “tomorrow.” We all deserve to have one.

George Morse


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