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Letter: First Amendment rights rudely dismissed at UB

First Amendment rights rudely dismissed at UB

Fascists on the political left have once again invaded the University at Buffalo. The school’s own independent student publication, the Spectrum, said it all in the headline of a May 2 article: “A Campus Divided: Robert Spencer’s visit met with chaos and opposition.”

All kinds of folks, draped dramatically in their own vacuous definitions of supposed rights and alleged abuses, bristled at the prospect of Spencer even being on campus. Yet, notwithstanding an official invitation to speak, his First Amendment rights were rudely dismissed and abused by trolls living in droves under the bridges of modern-day academia. As the article described it, the “constant heckling from the crowd made it near impossible for him to complete a full sentence.” The vaunted values of inclusion, tolerance, fairness and free speech clearly do not exist on this hate-filled campus.

Let these fascists and their obsequious faculty supporters reap the whirlwind they have sown and dwell in the place for which they clamor. So long as Americans vigorously defend their Constitution, however, such pernicious vermin will not find it here. Caveat civis!

Lee C. Broad


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