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Letter: Driver in Brink’s robbery doesn’t deserve clemency

Driver in Brink’s robbery doesn’t deserve clemency

Two recent articles about Judith Clark in The News, attributed to the New York Times, convey an unacceptable message.

Clark drove the getaway car during a 1981 Brink’s armored car robbery in Nanuet, which resulted in the murder of three innocent people and “badly, permanently injuring others.”

Gov. Andrew Cuomo recently granted her clemency and reduced her sentence. He said he thought she “made a mistake” and wanted to “give her a chance to get out of prison before she died.”

My view is that she helped murder law-abiding citizens and deprived children of their parents.

Why not write about the nine children whose fathers she helped kill, or the three victims who were deprived of their lives, or the others who were badly injured?

What messages are these writers conveying to other murderers?

Robert Kaiser


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