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Niagara County Real Estate Transactions

Following are real estate transactions over $5,000 as listed in records of the Niagara County clerk’s office for the week ending Dec. 30, 2016.

• Westwood Circle, Joy L. Khatib to Joseph P. Genovese; Melissa N. Morinello, $395,200.
• Escarpment Drive, Jennifer L. Humphrey; Alastair R. Morton; Alistair R. Morton to Laurice A. Ghougasian, $334,000.
• Wolf Run, Jerald I. Wolfgang; Joan W. Wolfgang to Forbes Homes, $195,000.
• 1520 Sunders Settlement Road, Harold H Good Revocable Trust; Randy H. Good to Steven J. Lafortune, $105,000.
• 552 Irving Drive, Suntrust Mortgage to W N Y Property Er, $52,000.
• Washington Drive, 54 Development Corp to Woods At Blairville, $35,000.

• 100 Church St., Heather Eileen Jarvis to Preston Ridge Partners, $115,965.
• 424 Washburn St., Katie L. Hagen; Lisa M. Hagen to Allan Disbrow; Becky Disbrow, $82,400.
• 836 East High St., Secretary of Veterans Affairs to Ballyogan Properties, $68,000.
• 306 Plank Road, Stephanie Lynch; George Stephanie St; St George Stephanie C; Stephanie Stgeorge; Stephanie C. Stgeorge to HUD, $63,200.
• 182 Irving St., First Niagara Bank NA; Keybank National Assoc to Neighborhood Redevelopment, $51,500.
• 312 Walnut St., Mark C. Zimmerman to Amanda Mitchell; Kevin Mitchell, $42,000.
• 128 Vine St., Keybank National Assoc to Brian Keleher; Heather Keleher, $20,000.

• 106 Main St., Robert F. Gominiak to Keybank National Assoc, $67,249.

• 6237 Drake Settlement Road, Chicago Title Insurance Company -Att; Fannie Mae /att; Servicelink -Att to Virginia Broome Omalley, $59,325.

• 2701 Military Road, Hutch Enterprises to Dask Ventures, $1,350,000.
• Harrison Ave., Joseph P. Genovese; Melissa Morinello; Melissa N. Morniello to Daniel Thompson; Lisa M. Thompson, $210,000.
• Independence Ave., Frank G. Manarino to Timothy C. Hall, $87,500.
• 90th St., Jayne Ann Majtyka; Helen L. Peterson to Antoniette Polito, $75,000.
• 560 College Ave., Fannie Mae /att; Shapiro Dicaro & Barak -Att to Samuel Massy; Jacob Saraj, $71,000.
• Jerauld Ave., Delia A. Kern; Gregory W. Kern to Frank A. Meyer, $70,000.
• 37th St., Niagara Area Habitat For Humanity to Terrian F. Martin, $65,000.
• 76th St., Diana L. Terreberry to Savanna L. Terreberry, $64,000.
• 2322 Orleans Ave., Linda Mercurio to Keybank National Assoc, $52,705.
• 59th St., Donna M. Latona to Donna Zulawski, $50,880.
• 2644 North Ave., Martin Guidotti to Charles A. Tamborello; Charles V. Tamborello; Peggy L. Tamborello, $40,000.
• 641 79th St., Secretary of Housing & Urban Development to Carol A. Clark; Thomas R. Clark, $36,000.
• 2801 Ferry, Canazzi Ira Caleb; Equity Trust Company -Cust to D H G F, $32,500.
• 38th St., Mortgage Equity Conversion Asset Trust 2011 1 /att; Reverse Mortgage Solutions -Att; US Bank National Assoc -Tr/att to Lawrence Blaber Jr.; Jacqueline Castillo, $26,000.
• Pennsylvania Ave., Town of Niagara to Drive Star Properties, $20,000.
• 14th St., Christina Davie; Lori Wald to Joseph Piracci, $19,900.

• Shad St., Ted Ackley to Barbara Habberfield, $149,900.
• Fredericka St., David A. Leithner to Natalie Brock, $125,000.
• 154 Belmont Ct West, Rosemary Suszynski to HUD, $86,900.
• 1479 Vanderbilt Ave., Robert E. Haney to Patricia Brosius; Thomas Brosius, $86,500.
• 1337 Belling Place, Nathan P. Bald to Annmarie Ricotta; Daniel Ricotta, $45,000.

• Paddock Ridge, Majestic Woods Development to Jennifer A. Ditzel; Justin Ditzel, $487,996.

• 9557 Somerset Drive, Jo Ann Torchia; Joann Torchia; William R. Torchia to Robert M. Lewis; Sandra M. Lewis, $50,000.

• Colin Court, Kathleen M. Contrino to Jerald J. Verhagen, $280,000.
• Meadbrook Acres, Brian K. Sitzman to Jamal Almafrag, $224,900.
• Ward Road, Kenneth R. Golding; Laurie Jo Golding to Gordon H. Rogers; Kodie D. Shamrock, $156,000.
• 6751 Sy Road, Ann R. Marshall; Sandra L. Marshall to Thomas J. Perry, $122,000.

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