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Sub eater's weekly routine draws new complaint, police attention

John Pawlowski, perhaps the Town of Tonawanda's most famous sub eater, got something extra with his usual order Thursday.

Tailgate Deli serves internet sensation's favorite sub

Readers of last week's Off Main Street column learned Pawlowski eats the same sandwich, from the same deli, under the same tree on the same side street once a week, because he's a creature of habit and he likes taking a break before heading back to his office in the City of Tonawanda.

We've got an update. At about 1:15 p.m. Thursday, Pawlowski walked into the Tailgate Deli to pick up his usual order and noticed a town police officer eating inside. Pawlowski said he thought that was odd, but he went on with his routine, parking as usual on Zimmerman Boulevard.

He was there about 15 minutes, and had just finished his sandwich, when he said a police car pulled up behind his car. Pawlowski stuck his head out of his window. The cop walked over.

"He says to me, 'Didn't I see you in the deli?' " Pawlowski said.

The officer said police got a call about someone suspicious on the street. Pawlowski said he believes it came from the couple who followed him from Zimmerman Boulevard to his work last month to confront him, concerned that he kept parking outside the same house each week. The officer wouldn't identify the caller.

Weekly lunch break on Tonawanda street draws neighbors' suspicions

Pawlowski brought up The Buffalo News item about his lunchtime adventures on his phone and showed it to the officer. The officer laughed.

"He said, 'You wouldn't believe the stuff we get calls about,' " Pawlowski said.

The cop let him go on his way. A second police cruiser had shown up, but that officer stayed in his vehicle.

Pawlowski took the encounter in stride, and he said he won't let his brush with Tonawanda's Finest keep him from his favorite lunch spot next week.

"No, I'm going back," he said.

Will he face the Sandwich S.W.A.T. team then?

Habitual sub eater may move lunch spot because of Tonawanda resident's gripe

Injuries, not neighbors, to keep famous sub eater from lunch by favorite tree

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