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Letter: We must stay vigilant and resist wrongdoing

We must stay vigilant and resist wrongdoing

The national and local March for Science and the Earth Day protests to President Trump’s rejection of science were delightfully youthful and reassuringly demonstrate the unintended consequences of poor judgment.

The study of climate has many economic, military and civilian applications. Without it, the nation must shop foreign researchers for information. As climate changes, the science continues, but elsewhere. We will pay for our ignorance.

We know the president is no fool, but whether he has the wisdom to avoid harm remains a question. But at least we have protest and government structure for protection.

By the initial failure to repeal and replace Obama’s Affordable Care Act, Trump and his party have made Obamacare more popular than Obama himself achieved. We often fail to realize the benefits of things until we are faced with harm from their corruption or loss.

The president’s tax reform plan, by his millionaire advisers, assured us that wealthy people know how to reduce their own taxes and hoped staffs and Congress can reconcile the rest to benefit the public good. But the fanfare of reform, those few sparse lines on a piece of paper, mean more years of furtive rigmarole.

We survived the first wave of bombast and now rely on the 1789 group in Philadelphia who initially gathered to form a new government. They were wise, understood human frailty and their very structured, balanced product – the Constitution – will preserve our republic, and us.

We must remain vigilant and resist wrong, and when necessary protest.

Art “Happy” Klein


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