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Letter: Trump, DeVos must not dismantle public schools

Trump, DeVos must not dismantle public schools

I read with interest The News article, “A president who doesn’t have a grasp of history.” Newt Gingrich was quoted as saying that President Trump “is not a student of history. … Trump is learning history as he governs.”

One does not have to be a student of history or a historian to have a basic grasp of American history and government. You only had to apply yourself in school. American history is taught in the public school system from kindergarten to 12th grade. As a retired New York State public school teacher, I know that for a fact.

Yet Trump seems to want to dismantle our public school system in favor of private and charter schools. He never attended public school, so what does he know about public school education? Just like American history, he has no knowledge of the history of public education, and its mission to educate all Americans. How did he get through elementary, high school and college with such a lack of basic knowledge? He and Betsy DeVos should just leave the public schools alone.

Kathleen Schmitt


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