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Letter: Let’s try to work together and find common ground

Let’s try to work together and find common ground

It doesn’t take a genius to realize that the country is divided into those who support President Trump and those who don’t. Since there is no evidence that this is going to stop anytime soon, we are headed for the type of polarization that will stop progress permanently and that will continue to make us talk at each other rather than with each other. It will be similar to the Civil War, hopefully without the bloodshed, except that instead of geographical identification, it will be neighbors against neighbors, even family member against family member.

I am too old and I lack the imagination to think about how to stop this. I wish there were a group – governmental, private, religious or civic – that would attempt to get Trump people and progressives together to have a conversation about this issue. It could start small and perhaps expand into something significant.

While I know that many in either group would be unwilling to participate, I can’t imagine that all would be against it. On the other hand I may be living in the la la land of unrealistic expectations.

Andre Toth


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