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From the Home Front: The merry month of May

This weird weather has some of us feeling we’re in a holding pattern. Rain, rain, rain ... and snow showers? What season is this anyway? And what do we wear for it?

On Wednesday I saw one woman dressed in opaque tights and knee-high leather boots. A few minutes later, I spotted another woman in sandals.

But May – if it really is May – has great potential, I’ve decided. No reason to mope because it’s raining or cold (or both) on a day off from work.

Last weekend, I sorted through some boxes I had been ignoring, donated a bunch of books to the library and dropped off some clothing and household items at a Goodwill donation center.

It felt good.

On Monday night, after putting it off for weeks, I finally went online and ordered a wedding gift for a couple getting married in June and a shower gift for a July bride. Click on the registry, pick out a gift, buy it, type out a warm and fuzzy message ... done!

Cross that off my list.

I’ll go ahead and tell you that on Wednesday night I tackled a section of the basement where things had piled up over the winter, but I bet you don’t believe me.

Well I did it, since I was down there anyway doing a couple loads of laundry – and felt quite motivated.

My point: Do I really want to be straightening up the basement on a sunny day in June? Or sorting through boxes? Or picking out very-last-minute gifts for summer weddings?

No. But this week was a perfect time to get those things done.

For years I helped my mother with one of her May traditions: switching shoes. Since I was taller than she, my job was to lift down the plastic shoe boxes from the high shelf that extended along two walls of her walk-in closet.

Down came the spring/summer shoes. Up went the fall/winter shoes.

Then we would line up the canvas slip-ons, huarache sandals and other warm-weather footwear on the lower shoe shelves and she was all set for the season.

Even though she wouldn’t dream of wearing white before Memorial Day.

Local professional organizer Jamie Shaner said that I’m certainly not alone in feeling motivated in May.

“Typically, May is spring-cleaning time. Young people may not have experienced this but for many people, spring-cleaning was a huge deal when they were growing up. All the windows got done. All the baseboards. Some of us still have that ingrained sense of ‘It’s time,’ ” said Shaner, owner of Home Solutions of WNY Inc.

When you start opening the windows and letting in the fresh air, it inspires you to do things like wash the windows and sills or start getting things down from the attic for the patio, she said.

What else is May good for?

Repairing screens. Washing or dry-cleaning winter coats and jackets. Dusting mini blinds. Laundering shower curtains. Changing over the closets from winter clothes to summer. Filling the hummingbird feeder. Repairing, sharpening, tending to garden tools and equipment. The list can go on and on.

For families with college students, it’s the time for preparing the nest for the kids coming home – going through all the stuff parents threw in their bedrooms and closets when they were away at school, Shaner said.

“They’re coming home. Must clear off their bed!” she laughed.

May also is the time to set the summer calendar, Shaner added. Should a date be set for a neighborhood garage sale or block party? Will you throw a graduation party for your high school senior – and, if so, when?

Wait ... I have one of those graduating seniors. And she’s already tossing around a few dates. Forget the boxes. Let’s plan a party!

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