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City Hallways (May 4) Can you guess which flag is flying in Niagara Square?

Quiz for today

This flag has been flying outside City Hall this week alongside Old Glory.

Can you guess which country it's from and why it's  being flown?

The answer can be found here  in the second section.


Marathon meeting

Part one of the 2017-18 budget  process was relatively short and sweet.

The mayor presented his proposal.

The Common Council received it.

And it all took only about 30 minutes.

But not so much for Part two - the budget hearings.

Council members have set aside the entire day to sit through budget hearings.

The hearings begin at 9 a.m.

They break for lunch and then get back to it.

Until 5 p.m.

That’s when the budget hearing for the general public is scheduled to begin.

And if all that can't be done in one day, the Council will do it again tomorrow.

Hmmm! Very interesting.

We saw on Facebook that Charley H. Fisher has entered the race for the  2nd legislative district in Erie County.

What's interesting is the seat currently is held by Betty Jean Grant, who recently threw her hat into the race for mayor.


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