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Letter: New train station is foolish until delays are eliminated

New train station is foolish until delays are eliminated

I rode Amtrak from Depew to Denver, which has an amazing station, with restaurants, cultural events and even hotel rooms. We had one stop in Cleveland.

I did this at age 65 as part of the overused “bucket list.” I can cross that one off. It was miserable at times, especially waiting for trains that were never on time. Our stop in Cleveland was underground in one of the worst areas of the city. The train was hours late, and the station was warm, stuffy, filled with tired children and horrible seating.

During the trip, there were delays on the tracks while we waited for the owners of the tracks (freight companies) to send their trains through, and then we could proceed.

Fortunately for me, I had gotten a sleeper car for both legs of the journey, so I was comfortable while we waited. And I didn’t have any place to be, unlike some of the other passengers who missed connecting trains.

My point is, wherever you put a station, unless you have a system of transportation that runs smoothly and on time, you’re wasting money. It would be more beneficial to fund Amtrak to buy its own tracks so that it could have a tighter schedule. Otherwise, we’ll have another underused monster sitting on real estate that could have been better used.

Rebecca Arcese


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