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Letter: It’s time for zoo to give giraffes some attention

It’s time for zoo to give giraffes some attention

In the flurry of all the interest in April the giraffe at Animal Adventure Park, we need to look at how our giraffes are being cared for at the Buffalo Zoo. All five giraffes are being kept in the same pens the three adults were housed in previous to the two females giving birth in 2014 and 2015. Why haven’t there been arrangements made for the two youngsters who are now 11 feet tall? At least the young male needs to move on.

Although the enclosures are up to minimum standards, according to the USDA, any trip this past winter found them in cramped quarters walking around in circles. Surely these enclosures aren’t meant for five giraffes! During recent trips, I have seen Moke, the large male, in his own pen or out by himself in the big yard. The other four are all together inside or behind the building where they can barely be seen.

The zoo boasts that current programs focus on providing visitors with a better understanding of the natural world, how animals relate to each other, to their environment and to humankind. Where do the giraffes fit into this? Their environment isn’t natural, they all can’t relate to each other and we can’t interact with them.

The zoo started a master plan 15 years ago and has brought in new animals and put up extravagant exhibits and now there are plans for the reptiles. All this while our tallest mammals have been ignored. We now have a new zoo CEO, Norah B. Fletchall, so I’m hoping she’s ready to put some focus on saving the dignity of our giraffes.

Kathy Campbell


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